View Full Version : Radio messages repeat upon reload

6th Aug 2010, 15:41
So, I got the Steam version of the game, and it started out all nice and shiny. However:

For some reason, whenever I load a save (auto or regular) every single radio message post-Karl-Blaine-rescue that I "unlocked" up to the reload is played. Starting with Sloth Demons introduction ("I've got a message from Karl Blaine...blahblah...use the beacons"), covering the introduction of the gangs up to all the "Well done Scorpion!"-lines of Razor etc. commenting on completed missions. EVERY mission I completed up to the reload.

This would be hellishly annoying in any game, with JC2s *ahem* sublime voice acting it borders on actual torture. (Sloth Demon, how I loathe you...)

I tried starting over a few times, to no effect. I tried reinstalling, no luck.

Any ideas?

17th Aug 2010, 01:16
I had the same problem trying to start the game again. I kept getting the messages along with the faction HQ appearing again. I tried many times and got the same problem. I finally tried starting with a different difficulty and also waited for all messages to play before I proceeded to any other mission. I also saved right after the Karl Blaine casino mission, quit the game completely and loaded the save and played the 3 faction takeovers. Then caused enough chaos to unlock extraction and some BM stuff then saved.

And now it seems to be working fine every time I load the game now. I'm not sure if the few things I did different actually made a difference or just enough attempts I got lucky and it didn't happen. It's worth a try though.