View Full Version : PC Version: Will these problems be addressed before release?

6th Aug 2010, 01:23
Just wondering if anyone has heard if all the problems with the pc demo are going to be address before release? Currently I have been having the same frame rate and slow loading problems a lot of people have been stating. The demo is also running on a very modern spec computer. Seems to me it might be something with the game not utilizing all the cores on multi core processors.

Also, can anyone give me the contact info for IO that some people have been sending their dxdiag files.


Intel Quad core Q9550 @2.83
Windows 7 64bit
GTX 460

6th Aug 2010, 04:44
I wanna hope they're working on the problems... but to be honest, I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if August 24th rolled around and none of this **** was fixed. Not surprised in the slightest.

6th Aug 2010, 06:34
I think we will get a patch after the release.

Im running vista 64bit, have no performance issues with the game at all with an i7 cpu, maybe you could try that?

6th Aug 2010, 13:12
I think we will get a patch after the release.

Im running vista 64bit, have no performance issues with the game at all with an i7 cpu, maybe you could try that?

Okay, yeah. I'll just go and buy a new i7 processor for around $250 just to for a game that has performance issues on modern systems. Seriously?

Guess I will just be renting this for xbox till i hear the problems have been addressed.

15th Aug 2010, 16:00
Do you bother to keep your Windows Live stuff updated? I just made a followup post to my similar problem. Someone in the steam forums suggested the UI/Graphics lag is caused by some overlay that is taken care of by Windows Live Gaming which kicks in at 50% buffering. An overlay issue makes sense because the loading time going to nothing if I alt-tab out.

15th Aug 2010, 17:04
Kane. And. Lynch. 2. Has. Nothing. To. Do. With. Windows. Live.

16th Aug 2010, 13:27
I want them to fix the fact that inviting friends doesn't work and the "Submit player review" option takes you to someone's Steam Community page. Why is that even there?

Also, everyone's microphone sucks, a mute button please.

And the ready system sucks, the host usually never readies up.

No text chat.

No dedicated servers, my games were laggy.

16th Aug 2010, 16:59
please tell me there will be a chatbox.....dear god, there has to be

16th Aug 2010, 20:44
Has anyone seen the 50% freeze bug and stuttering frame rate addressed by any forum moderator. This is really frustrating and reminds me of exactly the same way things were handled with the PC version of the original game.

Its really unfortunate, because I am loving the style and tone this game carries, but I will not be buying it with so many of these unresolved problems.

I remember when IO games were the best to play on PCs. Now, like so many other companies, PC versions seem to be the second priority, if not more of a hassle to work with.

17th Aug 2010, 07:07
Yep, and I gave them fairly specific information. Whatever starts up on the graphics card at 48-50% is to blame. Loading goes quickly when you alt-tab so it has to be a graphics related issue.

I agree about the style and tone which only makes me more disappointed this problem is not getting addressed.