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6th Aug 2010, 00:37
I noticed that the pc demo doesn't have a split screen button but the consoles do, a bit stupid having split screen on the original but not in the sequel. Hope it's included.

6th Aug 2010, 06:47
Judging by the game files and things in the demo, i dont think there is split screen for the pc. Of course i could be wrong, but im not counting on it.

7th Aug 2010, 02:04
Funny, cause when the first one came out all the pc players *****ed cause it had no online co-op, now its the other way around...

Pretty dumb they didn't just add in both...

15th Aug 2010, 11:46
So, split screen will be included ? :confused:


joe the janitor
15th Aug 2010, 20:21
In the console versions.

16th Aug 2010, 11:08
If I buy the game (PC), install it on two computers (in the same household) and then I can LAN-play with the second computer... or do I need two copies of the game to do this?

16th Aug 2010, 11:26
I think you need two copies of the game, because you can install one game by keyCd in Steam :hmm:

But why there is no split screen in Pc version ? More difficult to do this ? :scratch:


16th Aug 2010, 12:26
It's gotta have splitscreen. I mean why the hell would it not be in there...

17th Aug 2010, 08:53
Anyone who have the game now (17/08/010) :nut: can confirm ?


17th Aug 2010, 15:20
Anyone who have the game now (17/08/010) :nut: can confirm ?


Sadly there's no offline coop in the pc version... (for whatever reason -.-)
PC (http://www.co-optimus.com/game/1415/pc/kane-and-lynch-2-dog-days.html)
PS3 (http://www.co-optimus.com/game/1414/playstation-3/kane-and-lynch-2-dog-days.html)
Xbox360 (http://www.co-optimus.com/game/1413/xbox-360/kane-and-lynch-2-dog-days.html)

17th Aug 2010, 18:39
Do the graphics look **** in split-screen? I noticed in split-screen games, they lower the graphics.

17th Aug 2010, 20:57
I think it's one of the most stupid ideas ever to remove split screen from the pc version when it was in the 1st and the console versions. :mad2:

18th Aug 2010, 01:08
But why there is no split screen in Pc version ? More difficult to do this ? :scratch:

A lottle.

Pc players are hardcore gamers. Sure you can play that hard on console, but it matters alot more which platform is designed to handle it.
Pc version does have two players co-op through the Internet as well as Local area network.

It's difficult to make splitscreen a pc game you know pc gamers could buy twice.