View Full Version : PC joystick for the game!

5th Aug 2010, 19:26
is it only me finding it kinda crappy that there is no way to use a joystick on PC without downloading lotsa programs off the internet that prolly is only virus anyways ........im sick of this now and requests that either someone tells me how to fix the game so i can use a joystick or ADD it to the game asap ...... seriously why make a game with helicopters and planes if u cant use a joystick .......................


6th Sep 2010, 14:18
There is no way to fix it without the developers adding support into the game or using 3rd party programs.

The game would have been coded using the xinput library from Microsoft which has support for the xbox360 controller and not much else. When Xinput is used alone then pretty much all non-xbox360 gamepads will not work natively. To have 3rd party gamepad support (ie. able to use Logitech gamepads) the developers need to use the directinput libraries (xinput was created as a new version of directinput but has much less options. directinput can support up to 128 buttons (or something) where as xinput only does 12ish (same number of buttons as a 360 controller). Pretty much all of the limitations of xinput (pos hat views, number of buttons etc) are exactly what the 360 controller supports).