View Full Version : Multiplayer 2 Demo is a madhouse (PC)

4th Aug 2010, 21:35
So i'm having a blast with the demo, but I cant understand why I keep getting teamed up with people from other country's. They almost always have crappy mic's, and you cant tell them to turn them off because they don't understand you.

They also almost always have crappy connections as well... is cable a rarity in foreign lands?

How do you work with someone like that?

Im pretty sure most games have some kind of barrier that prevents US gamers from say, playing with Japanese gamers...

I know its just a demo, and im having lots of fun despite these setbacks, but it really ruins the immersion IMO, when you got dudes "floating", emitting insane static sounds from there mics. With no way to mute them I usually have to quit...