View Full Version : ps3 english voices with choice of subtitles please?

4th Aug 2010, 16:25

I'm french, I played both ps3 and xbox360 versions of the demo and loved it.

I just noticed that on the xbox 360 we can choose to keep the original voices and have french subtitles, wich is great because in my opinion, french voices are catastrophics (not the fault of eidos by the way, french actors voices sucks in all videogames, series, animations and live movies). Almost none games have this type of options, except for uncharted. Of course you can choose to have or not subtitles in any games, but only in the language that you already heard !! What the point?

So could you please (please please please T_T) put the same options in the ps3 version. I could buy the xbox360 version but all my friends have a ps3 and I can't wait to play the solo in coop.