View Full Version : Trying to understand game saves/checkpoints

4th Aug 2010, 12:16
I'm pretty new to this type of gaming on PS3, and I'm finding games saves simply don't make sense.

For instance, I've completed 100% of the Awan Cendawan Power Plant, and grab the chopper and head off to explore.

I spend several hours exploring. I do the Sawah Countty Crossing race challenge. I go off to Cape Carnival and get about 30% complete.

When I next run JC2, I'm back at the entrance to the Awan Cendawan Power Plant. All my damage has been done, and my 100% is still in place. All the weapon boxes etc that were empty are now full again, but I now have to get the chopper and spend an age getting back to Cape Carnival to continue.

This happens whether I just allow autosave, or I manually save the game and load it again.

I know that there must be some logic, but it's not explained anywhere. So could someone explain how they work?

5th Aug 2010, 10:57
<thinks> If nobody can explain, perhaps a pointer to a resource? I'd at least like to know if it's a bug or is WAD. After dying last night, I was thrown back to Blain's car, which was one of the first things I did!

5th Aug 2010, 15:59
You keep your progress, but Rico will not spawn at the last saved point. He will go to the closest friendly base.

Cape Carnival is an enemy base, so Rico won't spawn there upon loading. He will go to the closest stronghold, the Power Plant you mentioned.

Karl Blaines house is one of the friendly bases, as in the very beginning of the game you do not have any other bases.

5th Aug 2010, 19:46
Thanks for that clear explanation. Now at least it makes sense, even if it's very frustrating.