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4th Aug 2010, 09:55
Hi Guys,

I just downloaded the K&L2 Demo in Germany, as well as a friend of mine did in Switzerland. I played for a bit and he said that there is the possibility to have multiplayer in the demo. For me it's not possible to go into MP in the demo.

I think that this is a shame! It does not make ANY sense to cut out a part, 'cause this game is for adults!

Please give me a reason WTF the demo does not provide the full experience for German players?


4th Aug 2010, 10:17
blame your government for having restrictions??

4th Aug 2010, 13:15
blame your government for having restrictions??

Thank you for your "useful" comment.
To explain it:
There are no restrictions! The game is rated 18+ so there is no reason to do anything about it.

Next! (please no immature behavior, thanks)

4th Aug 2010, 13:50
but there are restrictions, it has to pass the usk to be released in germany, and if they say the game is too violent the devs have to censor the game to have it released in germany. Don't understand why they'd take multiplayer out of the demo though o.O
have you noticed anything else? Like no blood in singleplayer maybe?

4th Aug 2010, 13:53
Devs are forced to alter their games for Germany, so there are restrictions. Rebellion, however, stand their ground on the matter...

Either way, what do you want us to do about it? I think your best bet is to contact Eidos/IO/etc. Hope that's mature enough for you.

4th Aug 2010, 14:10
thx for the replies.


I thought the first reply was a bit too "HAHA, Go f*' YS"-like, just an immature one-liner.

It's too easy to just say that there are restrictions. In addtion, I thought this IS the board of Eidos and I thought that this was moderated by s.o. at Eidos/IO.

I appreciate your comment though. But I was just wondering, why they cut something out for Germany (or block it) and don't to it for Switzerland/Austria (which are a german speaking countries as well, as you might know).


There are no other noticable modifications other than no mp in the demo. Blood is not that important; if they reduce it I'm fine with it; if they cut it out completely or give it another color I'll rage like the Hulk :D.

Peace, Mudbocx

4th Aug 2010, 15:56
It has nothing to do with the language you speak but with how your country handles violence in entertainment, more specifically: video games.
So, and I'm not saying this to offend you but, it really is your government responsible for censorship/cuts in video games.

I live in a small country next to yours and I'm actually pretty happy about the age ratings here. Censorship all together is rather rare here in Belgium...

I just found this article (http://mag-murphy.net/2008-10-29/video-game-censorship-in-germany-how-it-works-how-it-doesnt) and I will read it later on. Hope it clears things up for you as well...

Also, I think the following gentlemen could help you out: Nick@IO (http://forums.eidosgames.com/member.php?u=121763) (Community Manager) and Acid Burn (http://forums.eidosgames.com/member.php?u=92350) (Mod)

4th Aug 2010, 16:17
That post above mine is quite correct, I have loads of German friends online who were absolutely fuming over Left 4 Dead being censored to hell. Lol I think everyone there imported it after that.

It's okay though, I think everywhere boycotted Manhunt 2 for a while until it was eventually released as a teletubbies edition of the game.

These game companies really need to start defending the fans and the gamers need to start speaking out more.

4th Aug 2010, 20:45
Thank you for your "useful" comment.
To explain it:
There are no restrictions! The game is rated 18+ so there is no reason to do anything about it.

Next! (please no immature behavior, thanks)

I was trying to hint that maybe you should blame your own government instead of Eidos/IOI. Atleast thats what i understood from your post.

5th Aug 2010, 06:15
Thanks guys.

I think I just have to live with it.

Sadly I turned on my console, played the demo (which left an awesome first impression to me) for the last time and deleted it.

That's how life goes, consequences included.