View Full Version : Heli/jets wont spawn

4th Aug 2010, 02:13
at all my captured bases the helipads will not spawn choppers. I hesitated taking over an airstrip worried jets wouldnt spawn, but i figured id try one and low and behold. The jets and Heli's are no longer spawning at the airstrip. Am i missing somthing or should i just stop taking things over that have heli's and jets in them?

4th Aug 2010, 04:47
this has been a problem found out a while ago, when you take over a base the jets wont spawn on the runway or take off anymore. They will spawn in the hangars still though, and the international airports 474's will still takeoff and spawn.

5th Aug 2010, 01:13
oh, the airport i took doesnt have hangers. But even at my bases that have helipads, the helicopters wont spawn. Its making getting around very frustrating.

i have 1 single base that actually spawns chopers on the helipads. I think they do that couse i took off in them, but instantly landed them back on the pad. So i went and yoinked a chopper and landed it on a heli pad in my other base and another in an airport i captured. I then got a jet and landed it at the airport where the jets used to spawn in hopes that maybe putting somthing there would make it spawn. I saved and restarted my game and no spawning of ANYTHING. So... yah...

6th Aug 2010, 04:49
I may have gotten somthing here

ok i rememerd that first base i took that is still spawning its heli's and another base i took that had a sweet car that is still spawning in its spot even when i take it and crash it. The common factor is...
after taking the base i got in the heli, took off then landed it in the exact same spot. I've done this to 2 bases now and the heli's continue to spawn! Im ganna try another base with heli's equiped with guns. I'll edit and let ya know how it goes.


Im convinced.

To keep helicopters spawning on the helipads.
During a take over get in the helicopters you want to keep spawning while they are landed on the pad. Take off and hover over the pad then land. Complete taking over the base. After 100% get in the chopper take off, hover, then land again. SAVE THE GAME. You should now be able to take off, fly away, blow up the chopper, go back and a new one will be spawned on the helipad. Its worked in now 4 of my new bases that are still spawning the helicopters.
=D hope that helps someone out there getting as frustrated as i was.