View Full Version : trouble getting an oil rig 100% complete?

3rd Aug 2010, 01:54
i have one oil rig that is stuck at 93%i have destroyed all the fuel tanks,generators,the antenna,the crane,the very top part,the aa gun,and have got all of the crates off of it.but yet it wont complete there is nothing left to destroy or pick up.i turned off the game and tried again it was still the same 93% with nothing else left but soldiers.

4th Aug 2010, 18:33
Just keep looking. This has happend to me several times only to find out I'd been over looking the final object.

10th Oct 2010, 18:18
Find any faction items or upgrade parts?

27th Dec 2010, 12:27
what about the actual drill tower.

28th Dec 2010, 02:17
I’m at 92% on Pelantar Minyak Gerudi Besar x: 823 y: 22503 and have collected all resource items and shot the s**t out of the entire oil rig, towers, fuel tanks, fuel depots, sams, etc. many times over and still only 92%. All the blowup-able stuff has been blown up. It’s a glitch but maybe there’s an “invisible” structure on the rig somewhere that you can shoot up with a helicopter that will finally tick off a last item completion. A program I have identifies 2 Fuel Depots remaining on this rig but they are all shot up and destroyed. Maybe the devs could write up a quick small patch file or provide a command line code to remedy this for us?

4th Jan 2011, 11:12
read the readme.txt file for instructions.