View Full Version : A few tweaks that may be possible?

3rd Aug 2010, 01:01
hi i own a pretty low spec computer, its a notebook with an integrated ati mobility radeon HD 3200, 3gb of ram and an amd athlon x2 64-bit processor

so first off let me say i was not expecting jc2 to actually run on my system at any playable speed

i got the demo of just cause 2 and it ran (surprisingly!), playably, but not at full fps (not surprisingly :P)

however ive worked out over time that the two things that really make my computer choke are shadow maps and depth of field

i am getting playable framerate, but not ideal, as in normally im looking at 20 fps, and when things get busy like when alot of people are around it lags to about <10 fps
but high in the air i run at a full 30 fps (i set the fps cap to 30 to make it run smoother for me)

what i am asking though is simply this;

is it in any way possible to completely turn off the shadows? the in-game options only allow it to go to low, not off entirely, but i know that turning shadows off would greatly boost my performance

and i was also wondering if there is any way of lowering the field of view? (im not as bothered about this, removing the shadows alone will probably speed up the lag i get when lots of people are present)

i noticed there is no .ini file or such in the game directory, so turning shadows off may not be possible, and if so can this idea be put forward as an idea to be thrown into the next update?

thanks in advance

EDIT: actually i also should let you know that i own the full game too, i got it on the steam sale the other day, so i can see the full real game directory, not just the demo one :P