View Full Version : Lots of people are having touble with the P.C. demo. I MAY have a fix.

joe the janitor
1st Aug 2010, 07:14
If you're having some problems getting the Kane and Lynch demo to run, due to an unexpected error during startup, your problems might be related to openAL.

Although I've never been able to troubleshoot the problem or find out what makes it happen or not function, the fix requires you to download this small package; openAL fix (http://rs24.rapidshare.com/files/75433612/UT3_Sound_Fix.zip)

It was originally a fix for UT3 and any other Unreal 3 engine based game (they always seem to give me troubles, and putting these files in the root directory of the game seems to fix it).

If you're not comfortable downloading an unknown file, you can also try to copy and paste the two files;

* openAL.dll

* wrap_oal.dll

From your


directory and placing them directly into the root folder of the Kane and Lynch demo located at

OSdrive:/Program Files (x86)/STEAM/Username/steamapps/common/kane & lynch 2 - dog days demo/

I found this on the steam forums, hope it helps :D