View Full Version : Free Rank 1,2 & 3 Guns.

ChrmoSchwinn/Terry Bogard
1st Aug 2010, 01:51
Yep. Thats right, for a limited time only (til my Xbox freezes, lol.) I'm giving away high rank guns at the start of round 2 and 3.

I buy a Rank 1 Gun after Round 1 or 2 and drop it for the DK ST80 at the start of Round 2 or 3. You simply pick it up and enjoy.

This will go with the random Matchmaking, so I ask if you got a Mic and if you reply First you pretty much seal the deal of a free, high-ranking Gun.


ChrmoSchwinn/Terry Bogard
1st Aug 2010, 06:52
Finally, my Xbox360 froze. I got 2 days play as Rank 1: Mastermind this time. Most of the second day I spent giving away high ranked weapons.

For unknown reasons I tallied up how many of each weapon was requested.

Rank 4/Wasteland Hawk (Desert Eagle) - 4.
Rank 1/TOQ Model 66X (Taurus Judge .410 Gauge) - 14.

Rank 2/Nianshi 500 Silenced (QCW-05 Silenced) - 7.
Rank 2/TOQ Model Four (H&K UMP) - 9.

Rank 3/Gras12 (Spas12) - 8
Rank 1/Buqiang 300BP (AA-12?) - 15.

Assault Rifle.
Rank 2/Buqiang 900 (QBZ-95) - 9.
Rank 2/Buqiang 900 Scoped (QBZ-95 Scoped) - 4.

So that's 70 Guns I gave away :nut:
Bored of the Demo, now moving onto the Spec Ops: The Line Beta :wave:

joe the janitor
1st Aug 2010, 07:03
I still can't get into a match over xbox live. It always makes me create one. Maybe it's because I have the exclusive version?

ChrmoSchwinn/Terry Bogard
1st Aug 2010, 07:53
Yupp. No one plays the exclusive Demo anymore. You have to download the 'public' Demo of the Xbox Live Marketplace. That has 1000's of players. No joke.