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1st Apr 2014, 20:25
I tried searching the forum but apparently this bug was somehow overlooked.

If a human is hit during using a healing station, this doesn't cancel the progress bar. It looks a bit stupid. A guy tends to his wounds while being sliced by a vampire from behind. And suddenly he's feeling better. 'Twas but a flesh wound!

I hate when a human runs away with a few HP left, gets to the station, then I hit him once... and he's 80-100% again. Well, I do this too, but that's all the more reason to fix it.

2nd Apr 2014, 07:42
Dat is balance magic and I think its OK - you still can stun human and stop his healing.

What is I am worried about is healing right under approaching the shrine while holding 'E'. I often do this but it seems that some shrines just do not respond to such kind of manipulations. In their case you have to come at close range and only THEN push 'E' to start healing (and so to speak at the moment healing starts my character encounter minor positioning bug). Is it intended. Anyway some part of shrines are working properly while others are not.

2nd Apr 2014, 08:40
Not a bug, intended. I am unsure if there is a cap though, like if the human takes over x amount of damage it cancels.

2nd Apr 2014, 19:04
Weird, I've never have had any issue(s) with the way health shrines work. Usually if I vampire finds me while healing I'll end up dead meat, except sometimes in cases where I'm 70%+ hp in the first place and I see them coming in time to bail out.

I think the behavior you describe gives humans a small chance to complete their heal before they end up dead, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

11th Sep 2014, 06:16
the problem is also that vampire canĀ“t see the progress of a healing human (what killed me several times already), in an e-sports game you should be able to see what is happening right now ... if I have to hit a human more than twice in 2 seconds, to stop him from healing, there's something wrong with the dmg cap as well.

31st Mar 2015, 15:17
I wold still love to see this issue addressed ... vamps can only heal (may 95% of the time) if they kill all 4 humans, but i see humans just healing mid fight all the time (at least in pubs) and if I atk them they just heal back to FULL health, srly at least give them max. HP minus my melee dmg I did to them 100ms ago^^.

But still a single melee hit shoulder interrupt them, because I have to walk to them first, a human for comparison just needs to shoot me when he sees me eating and hit me a view times, what is easily done in less time than walking up to a human and hitting him once.

Also I would love to see the healing time for humans increased to ~3 seconds or let them heal with a heal over time and not with a instant heal or a mix of bouth 250 HP instant + x HP with a heal over ~10 seconds.

It just doesn't feels right how it is now.

31st Mar 2015, 15:27
If you are not 1 hit from dead and healing you basically cannot be prevented from healing unless a stun hits you. Meanwhile if you are at any HP and healing as a vamp and heal a human can disrupt it. It makes absolutely no sense.

A totally agree that any damage on a human at a station should disrupt it. There are so many times when as a vamp I see a human go for the station, and think oh well there is literally no way I can stop him despite being only 2 swipes away. I used to try and and just got punished for it and learned to just leave them. The same happens in reverse. If I'm 1 second away from a mid health vamp you wants to kill me at 50% hp, I still just heal and kill him. Really I should be dead but it just doesn't work that way at the moment, he hits me, I heal to 75% and its gg he dies.