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1st Apr 2014, 20:08
Lately i find myself using Fleet Footed a lot in the hope to have a chance at getting away from vamps
Do you think it helps?
Often vampires still can keep up with just attacking, because they are propelled further forward with their attacks that i can run - even with the perk and +movementspeed from my weapon.

I'm not really sure if it actually helps, sometimes i get away and sometimes those leeches just stick to me with no getting away. :o
Do you think it helps at all or should i just not bother to run away from them in general ( what i do when i dont use the fleet footed perk)

Otherwise, what Perks do you like?

2nd Apr 2014, 00:41
It does help, you're noticeably faster than teammates without it. You're slowed down when you get hit, so running after you're already being attacked can mean you won't get away; try turning corners or dodging and running a direction they don't expect.

2nd Apr 2014, 09:42
Oh i didn't notice that attacks slowed you down, that's good to know
Though just now a Reaver still could catch up to me even without first hitting me
I'm gonna try this perk out some more and see if i'd ratehr use this or Quick Hands.
Maybe Tenacity too.

Thanks for the answer though. :)

2nd Apr 2014, 19:11
Even if it's not always great for escaping a vampire in pursuit, the increased run speed can be important in other ways; e.g. regrouping with your team after respawn, and getting to health shrines quicker.

2nd Apr 2014, 19:23
Fleet Footed was my favourite perk before the latest patch. The vamps had no chance to catch you. It was really funny (for me not for them^^). It isn't as good as before but still a good perk, but I prefer Tenacity or Quick Hands.

2nd Apr 2014, 21:40
Yeah that would be my go to perks if i dont use fleet footed, especially Quick Hands since i mainly play Alchemist =)

3rd Apr 2014, 06:50
Indeed FF WAS good b4 patch. now it's still good (for alch) but Tinkerer is superior for my multi-cannon alch.
IMO at this moment perk doesn't need any changes.