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28th Jul 2010, 21:52
I know I've been posting alot of threads lately, but who doesn't like this game.

Right now, I'm a level 8 wood elf (4th Playthrough) with elven armor, a mages hood, and my personal weapon, the Destroyer of Oblivion that does 9 damage plus 10 shock damage.

8th Aug 2010, 01:24
um this is just cause 2 not oblivion

(But oblivion is AWESOME)

27th Aug 2010, 10:05
This is the hangar, for offtopicness between JC fans.
Oblivion is *insert word that doesn't exist yet to describe supreme awesomeness*
I have a level 47 sorceress that runs at an incredible speed or is permanently invisible depending on my mood (enchanted equipment)