View Full Version : Issues introduced by July patch

28th Jul 2010, 14:52
Hi all

Prior to the recent patch my game ran perfectly. No glitches and ran smoothly. However, since the game updated I have experienced juddering where there was none before and obvious scenary pop-in.

The judder may be associated with the introduction of triple buffering which I never forced in ATI CC before and as such seems a possible culprit. This is assumption on my part though.

The pop-in manifests itself in two way. Trees and other such scenary objects are 'appearing' close to the camara. This is especially apparent when in an aircraft. I have changed no settings post-patch and this never happened before the update.

the second problem is terrain lod pop-in. This is especially apparent near ice lakes where the coastline draws in as large blocky rectangles and only switches to a higher lod model when very close. This again never happened prior to patch.

My system specs are below and I am running the same up-to-date drivers I was prior to patch.

Intel Q9300 @ 3ghz
ATI 4870 1024
4gb 1600mhz Geil Evo Black Dragon Ram
Windows 7