View Full Version : Schwinn's Weapon Loadout.

ChrmoSchwinn/Terry Bogard
28th Jul 2010, 08:05
Alright, after a bunch of Private Messages on this Forum and Xbox Live about what weapons I was using while ranking up, I'll simply list it here. There are no real secrets, just more the way I play.

I turn the Camera Shake off and adjust my Aiming Sensitivity too.

Rank 8: Vamazast/Kaliningrad + Pac10.
Rank 7: Kaliningrad + Pac10.
Rank 6: Kaliningrad + DKST80.
Rank 5: Kaliningrad + DKST80.
Rank 4: Kaliningrad + DKST80/TOQ Model 18.
Rank 3: Kaliningrad + Gras12.
Rank 2: Buqiang 900 + Gras12/Nianshi 500 Silenced.
Rank 1: Buqiang 900 + Gras12/Nianshi 500 Silenced/Buqiang 900 Scoped.

So there you have it, straight from the Horse's Mouth :wave: