View Full Version : Your thoughts on character relationships in FFXIII saga?

17th Dec 2012, 08:23
I was playing through FFXIII again and came to the cut scene between Vanille and Hope. The one where she says to hope " Don't you remember you promised me. you promised we'd go see gran pulse together"
Hope repiles " When did i do that"

Vanille then says " I dont know how about another life time" This really reminded me about Tidus and Yuna from FFX.

Just wondering If anyone else picked up on this

17th Dec 2012, 09:11
that does remind me of tidus and yuna.... but i doubt theres a connection there...like i dont think it was ment to be taken that way

17th Dec 2012, 09:13
that does sound familier... but i doubt that that was ment to be taken that way.. lol

23rd Dec 2012, 12:05
Yeah but I doubt it actually means anything unless that was something that was cut from the story. Would be cool if it actually goes some where but so far it hasn't. But it does remind me a little of Tidus and Yuna and also Cloud Atlas.

1st Apr 2014, 08:22
Like overall what are your thoughts?

I think fang and vanille have quite a strong bond. Fang is always looking out for vanille, not unlike lightning is with serah and Sazh with Dajh. Vanilla and Hope's relationship was cute. I think Hope was a little too harsh on his dad, but well, Hope somewhat had the most character development, one of the most. Sazh was another one. IMO Hope was too clingy (which was understandable given the circumstances, however...) to lightning. Why didn't he grow attached to vanille since he met her first? Or to Sazh, as a father figure? Sash and vanille, some parts were creepy in the cutscenes.

And am I the only one who thought the height difference and subsequently age gap between snow and serah was really creepy? Snow's a giant and serah's tiny and half his height so he looks like a.....yeah. Anyway, what did snow and serah really have in common? Not very much. Oh well. Just don't get me to elaborate on those last two relationships, especially the one between clingy Hope and lightning. Ugh.

Now the relationship between lightning and snow, that developed a lot. Several intimate/personal moments. She learned that he wasn't such a bad guy and at the end was able to, at the very least, tolerate him towards the end. Forthe first time in years(?), she was able to cry in front of him. And despite being punched twice, snow still respected her and understood (to a degree) where lightning was coming from in regards to serah and everything.

3rd Apr 2014, 08:10
No one has an opinion? Hm, I thought at least me person would reply, lol.

16th Apr 2014, 03:23
I'll share more later...

but had to at least offer one thing. Snow and Serah isn't too weird for me as far as anything physical (but I've never been a huge Snow fan, or Snow & Serah, their relationship just was never moved forward in the story much, so it's hard to feel much about it). But my wife is very short, and skinny. I'm not exactly tall, but I'm about 10 inches taller than her, and I'm 6 years older than her...so age/height differences aren't a huge deal to me.


30th Apr 2014, 09:13
I'm not referring to age gaps and physical differences in real life, I'm talking about it in JRPGs (not attitude, just thought I'd clarify since it might come off as me being blunt). I'm relatively new to JRPGs and can see what some of the prevalent themes/motifs in JRPGs are; specifically the character's ages and physical appearances. I know recently that pretty much every single JRPG game for the PS vita that is being released in North America/western countries, has been censored. The characters have been ages a bit more and their clothes have been altered so it's less revealing. I'm not a fan of serah and snow as a couple; mainly because of the obvious physical difference. It also irks me beyond belief because there are A LOT of FFXIII fans whom pair lightning with Hope. Yes, as a couple. A 14yr old kid with a 21yr old woman; an adult. Very s*xually explicit fanart and fan fiction. But that's a whole different topic....ugh.

But I look forward to your next post, I'm interested in what you think.