View Full Version : Was anyone else REALLY exited for Six Days in Fallujah

joe the janitor
27th Jul 2010, 07:03
I for one was, but they still haven't found a publisher, and I don't think breach will sell very well because of a certain Medal of Honer title.
Hmm, Eidos has published controversial games before sooo...... Ya know, if your reading this Eidos, maybe you know. Check out Six Days in Fallujah :o
What are your thoughts on the controversial title Six Days in Fallujah?

27th Jul 2010, 07:17
I heard it was going to have 100% destructable buildings.
But yeah, I probably would have gotten it. What i\I don't get is when people claim the game is disrespectful when other war games have shown US soldiers in the same, if not worse situations.

27th Jul 2010, 07:20
I never heard of this before but it looks very smooth for a war game. The combat seems pretty well paced. I'd defiantly give the game a spin.

Now, on topic. So it's controversial because it's "too soon"? How is it disrespectful to the troops? I personally feel sorry for many who lost their lives to support the country but a videogame is a videogame, and it might actually make people realize that war is hell.


I agree with Tamte. But that's my opinion...

27th Jul 2010, 07:24
we need a game where you get to play as the mujahideen

27th Jul 2010, 08:47

I was but wasnt at the same time really, its another war game but it was one on a real life event that made it interesting.

This game is the prime subject at one of my biggest arguements in gaming history spanning over many genres but im not going to go into it now.

27th Jul 2010, 16:01
Meh, I just want it to be released so it is my choice to play it.

27th Jul 2010, 17:00
Don't care about all these war games lately. Call of duty 2 was the last great one, oh and brothers in arms was pretty good aswell, but after that.. nothing

28th Jul 2010, 01:25
World at War was brilliant , for within all its sensless blood gore and violence is a game that's just pushing the red button hard screaming a anti-war message , Treyarch was underrated , i can't say it enough ...

Oh and the Six Days in Fallujah was a funny scenario , it was announced , then we had the video interviews , showing how excited the developers are , then a few weeks later the publisher dropped it , Epic Battle Axe complained about it in their podcast , and then ... well , nothing , nobody really talked about it ... until today i see this topic ...