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Divine Shadow
27th Jul 2010, 01:45
More discoveries from the blog of Arnold Ayala (http://dogma5150.wordpress.com/crystal-dynamics-1995-to-1999), Soul Reaver's initial concept artist.

His artwork (all labelled by the artist as being from Soul Reaver) shows us three fascinating and unseen vampire-types, that never made it into the game. All-three seemed to be devolved and bestial to some degree.

Female vampires

This is an interesting idea, a humanish face that falls off (perhaps during combat?), as if the creature is losing its last human-qualities to become entirely bestial.



Not an official name, but I can't think of any other more suitable. It seems to be following a werewolf-like evolutionary path.

Winged vampire (Razielim?)

With its bat-wings and heavyset bulk (even more than the Turelim), this could be a Razielim. No name is given. If I was to imagine the strongest clan devolving with Raziel's traits, it would be along these lines.

Next up, some very early concepts for the Vampire Hunters (the art also names them as the "Foresaken", which is interesting).

They're very steampunky, which I like. Some nice ideas that seem to build on their vampire-hunter ancestors. The name Foresaken could refer to them giving their lives as forfeit, to fight the bestial vampires.

Finally, some monsters and demons artwork. Their apperance in Soul Reaver was abandoned, but the art foreshadows their prominence in Soul Reaver 2.

Looking at these masses of ideas and concepts, it really puts it into perspective how bold and ambitious Crystal Dynamics were with Soul Reaver!

27th Jul 2010, 04:59
Okay, I've got to say that if that's where they were going with the Razielim, I heartily approve! The vampires of Nosgoth severely devolved over the ages, and I think that it should be most apparent in the leaderless Razielim. Left to their own devices, there's any number of evolutionary paths they could have wondered down, not to mention the fact that they were being hunted by their own kind. In the end I'd much rather see them as hunched over beasts than anything else.

27th Jul 2010, 12:09
Female vampires : really those are great, remind me of BO2 vampires (white skin), those should have been in the game, they would have added alot

Wolf-Vampire : i feel they somehow resemble Vorodoor, maybe that is really crazy but they look kinda like him or like if they were his children (face)

Winged vampire (Razielim?) : maybe, but i think they are too big to be Raziel's, but i don't know

The more i see of these images the more i feel that Dark Prophecy can have alot of great different elements

27th Jul 2010, 16:03
Wow, those female vamps are hot! *face pops out* :eek:

Perhaps the Forsaken are descendants of the Cabal vampires? Because in one of the pictures, you can clearly see a three-fingered hand. And it would make sense, after BO2 we never saw Vorador die and it was entirely possible that Kain had banished him and what was left of the Cabal to some remote place in Nosgoth. And that maybe they believed that they were the forsaken of vampire kind. Hmm...I wonder...

27th Jul 2010, 19:28
Yeah, just like a dame *Film Noir accent* :p beautiful, sexy, then she ruins it by opening her mouth :p (sorry, little 40's era humor here, lol)

I think that "werewolf" one might actually be an early Turelim concept. The ears and body type remind me more of a bat, like how Dracula appears in one moment in Coppola's version of Bram Stoker's Dracula. He was a towering bat-like figure, with forearms much like that, and fur in spots like this as well.

I also noticed the three-clawed hands on some of those "Forsaken" concept art. Perhaps they all aren't part of the same package, or they are all renegade vampires of some type. The guy with the yellow/green eyes at the bottom also isn't natural.

28th Jul 2010, 23:29
Whatever they are, the Forsaken can't be from Blood Omen 2's Cabal, since that game wasn't in anyone's mind back then.
My brother pointed out that the female Vampire thing with their face going out like that reminds him of Zephon. Maybe they were another idea for Zephon's children?

29th Jul 2010, 14:48
A desperatly need a new, decent, vampire game....AKA Legacy of Kain!!

29th Jul 2010, 15:16
I see I haven't posted here yet. Time to repair that mistake :). First - I think that the faces of female vampires don't have to fall apart but may be simply.."opening" themselves, similarly to Zephon's "inside face".

Now, the forsaken. The three fingers are interesting. Two of the designs have an inscription. The second word is "form". I have problem deciphering the first - it's most likely "material", but it's not really clear.

Two things about the hooded figure - it's "collar" is very similar to that seen on some Raziel pictures. And the shoulder pads resemble those of vampire lieutenants. It may be simply a result of the artistic direction that was taken, but it may have other meaning.

The hunters seem to look like vampires that had somehow eluded deformation. It may be a known concept of ghouls (humans drinking vampire blood to gain a part of their power).