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Divine Shadow
25th Jul 2010, 21:02
From the portfolio of David Demaret (http://themoonchild.free.fr) who was a freelance artist working for Ritual during production of Dark Prophecy.

These are amazing. They are the first appearnce of the animated wraith-armour since Blood Omen 1, and cement the importance of Malek's Bastion within the game. The coloured outline of a person is, I assume, a product of the modelling process and would be invisible during play. First look at the Sarafan Armour Wraith:

Now, as the Hyldren take one as a vessel/means of entering Nosgoth, the armour spectacularly begins to take their body shape.

Alternatively, whoever now controls the bastion is intentionally producing armour-shells that resemble their Hylden masters.

It seems the story of Dark Prophecy heavily involved the Hylden using Malek's wraith-machines as a means of circumventing the binding. Its a fascinating combination of two very-distant story threads.

25th Jul 2010, 22:13
The last (black) one looks damn amazing .. Thanks Shadow for discovering these .

26th Jul 2010, 03:53
This is sooooo sweet! God I hope the next game incorporates this. I'd love to be able to switch weapons/armor/spells/artifacts/forms like we could in Blood Omen 1. Really the ability to do any of the 5 would be wonderful.

26th Jul 2010, 12:25
great looking armour really

26th Jul 2010, 14:43
These are badass Shadow. Thanks a lot!

26th Jul 2010, 19:16
does anyone think that maybe in Dark Prophecy we may have been able to play as the sarfan/hylden at some points ?

either this or Kain would have fought alot of hylden, really alot, damn i think Dark Prophecy was going to be a great game, hope they make it soon

26th Jul 2010, 19:27
I absolutely love that we were to go back to Malek's Bastion and then find that the Hylden had somehow reactivated the wraith machines. That's such a brilliant idea :) Not only is it fan-service and a return to the foundations of it all in ideas, but it also is a great, logical plot point that makes total sense within the established cannon :thumb:

And, those armored suits look really awesome, to boot :)

26th Jul 2010, 20:11
I'd always thought Kain should return to the SR1 era immediatly after Defiance ended, but after seeing these I think it might be better for him to stick around a bit. Or just be able to use the chronoplast as many times as he wants now that Moebius is out of the way.

26th Jul 2010, 20:59
I think it's more likely that the younger Kain would have fought them. I really like seeing wraith armour again too. I've always made it clear that I thought Malek was awesome and that I would have loved to go back to his old bastion after the events of Blood Omen.

27th Jul 2010, 05:17
To tell the truth I was hoping for something of a compromise. Young Kain still goes around and sets events in motion in Blood Omen 1, but elder Kain returns to certain points for clarification, to ensure that certain events happen as they should, etc. It wouldn't be difficult at all to accomplish, certain areas are useless after event "y" happens, and inaccessible before event "x", so just have Kain visit these locations before "x" or after "y". I'd also like to see him return to the Soul Reaver 1 era, and perhaps even get some back story on the gap between Blood Omen 2 and Soul Reaver 1, not to mention the time Raziel was in the Abyss.

27th Jul 2010, 05:36
Imo, design look just too fantastic comparing to original concept, armor looks mostly decorative, not battle ones, the women variant with skirt is even strange. Thats just violates the atmosphere of game as armors always have been understood as human ones. Also that armors have a parts that looks like Nemesis-related ones (the spikes). What about Nemesis army being shown in series someday?

The idea of hylden posessing sarafan's armor sets is nice though, but still looks weird to me as i have always think that Malek's machine embeds a souls of dead Saraphan warriors instead fo hylden. This is important because it makes Malek to be so insane. He blows graves and pester souls of heroes to feed his decadent army.

Thanks for news Deivine Shadow! Really cool to see something new about canceled Sequel. Guess after such amount of info Eidos would be kind enough to give interview or something.

27th Jul 2010, 19:58
These machines were shut down by young Kain and Malek was destroyed by Vorador in BO1. This is happening afterward, meaning the Hylden then reactivated the machines somehow and Malek is no longer in charge of them. Therefore, it's out of his cold, dead hands. The Hylden don't really need armor; they seem to be morphing the armor to make a make-shift body that resembles their old bodies, down to the type of dress they wore. The spikes are their spikes that come naturally out of their forearms, legs, their head crests, and wing bones.

Zur: we've seen the screens in the Dark prophecy threads that Eder Kain is the one revisiting the Bastion. Young Kain just went through this place, shut everything down, barely escaped with his own hide after a long, cold battle with undead, bloodless things. He had no means of sustenance, and it was by his accounts a grueling place to be. Also, Malek is now dead for good. I don't see why Young Kain would have any desire to return at this point to Malek's Bastion. Elder Kain, however, having lived a few thousand years, has had time to get over most of the disdain of this place, at least to the point he'd be fine probably with checking it out again. He's also far stronger now, and I am sure with the prophecy being the subject of the game, has learned something about the dilemma he and Nosgoth are in that warrants a return to this place.

So, in short, I don't think Young Kain was meant to revisit here. This is Elder Kain's sole mission.

29th Jul 2010, 14:32
A new game please...........I can't take the pain anymore!!

Dude, where do you find these guys?? lol awesome....I'm sharing these with the Facebook Comunity.

13th Aug 2010, 22:25
Damn, there is now really a lot of stuff found out there of The Dark Prophecy... The armour/hylden look amazing :O

Maybe the leaking of all this material might lead up to a reproduction of the game :rolleyes: