View Full Version : Soul Reaver concept art discoveries- Three familar (but high quality) and two unknown

Divine Shadow
25th Jul 2010, 20:44
I've found five pieces of Soul Reaver concept art. The first two are from the portfolio of Stephen Trusty (http://stephentrusty.com/concept%20art/), one of the designers on Soul Reaver. We've seen these before, but they were sepia-filtered and of greatly reduced resolution, so its nice to see the original art!

Next up, three from the portfolio of Fred Lee (http://www.fredleeportfolio.com/id8.html), another artist for the Soul Reaver games. The first is not new, but a much clearer scan of the original art for the abandoned Sanctuary-on-a-mountain idea:

And finally, I don't recall ever seeing these two before. They depict some area(s) that were either excised from development, or changed heavily.

Best guesses as to what the last two were intended to be?

25th Jul 2010, 20:55
The first of the last two reminds me of the Human Citidel. The second looks like some sort of sewer to me. They might have to do with Turel's territory or the Priestess since they don't really look like any place we go to in the game. I'm not sure if there's really any way to say for sure though.

26th Jul 2010, 03:55
Perhaps it was meant to be an alternate design for the Human Citadel's entrance? I see platforms and an arch with pillars that look like they're meant for Raziel to use to gain entry...

26th Jul 2010, 21:00
Yeah, I'm thinking now that they're just likely designs for the Human Citidel.

27th Jul 2010, 18:13
I think that the first concept represents the Drowned Abbey. First of all, (unless I am seeing things :D) it seem to be under water (notice the outlines of the pillars that are blurred from a certain point, which I assume is the surface).
But the first thing that caught my eye at that picture were the vaults of the buildings that were specific to that area.
And the tower reminds me of the bell tower.

I have no ideas for the second concept.

And one observation: has anyone noticed the "crosses" in the eyes of the Retreat's skull? These are not present in the official concepts that were released earlier, but they were present in Blood Omen 1. So I wonder why the creators have decided to remove them.

27th Jul 2010, 19:20
The first one indeed probably is the Drowned Abey, but it's not under water. That tower that's tilting is coming out of the water. You can see the water surface lines there. The "Pillars" you mention are simply lines continuing from the main tower, which could be the bell tower, yes.

The second one looks like it could be also from the Drowned Abey, like the platforms Raziel has to jump over to first get inside of it. Or, with the steel and everything built into it, it could be the Human Citadel.

The crosses in BO1 and what would be here were braces for glass windows looking out from the eyes. One saw Nosgoth as it was to the eye, while the other showed a distorted view of Nosgoth that had fallen to ruin. So, my guess is that they removed them, due to the heavy damage and time the skull would have suffered from the fall, then the thousand+ years of erosion. No windows remain. It makes sense.

28th Jul 2010, 23:46
Something I've never totally understood about that part in Blood Omen, when we see the red and firey Nosgoth through the eye, was it supposed to be showing the current corruption of Nosgoth, the Demon Dimension (which I'm pretty sure was supposed to exist back when that game was made, that it's where Hash'ak'gik and his servents are from), or is it supposed to foreshadow the choice at the end of the game?

29th Jul 2010, 02:12
All up to interpretation, I suppose. For me, it's like this is what Nupraptor could see, pulling back the veil on the world, of what it was to become. Not quite that he's seeing into the future, but that this corruption is already present just beneath what appears to be real. Later, it would manifest in actuality.