View Full Version : Waste your time

24th Jul 2010, 23:33
playing this (http://games.adultswim.com/robot-unicorn-attack-twitchy-online-game.html) while you wait for K&L2

25th Jul 2010, 00:52
Neat. I like it.

25th Jul 2010, 18:23
This is addicting lol, i got up to 7018.

25th Jul 2010, 19:23
Wait till you get past 15000...it's insane.

25th Jul 2010, 20:17
Always, I wanna be with you
And make believe with you
And live in harmony, harmony oh love

Run ponyboy I have faith in your simple two key ballad of rainbowtastic awesomeness!

joe the janitor
25th Jul 2010, 21:46
I just order SWAT 4 off of amazon, so Ill be playing that when it arrives!

25th Jul 2010, 22:14
Anyone seen the high scores for the game?

...damn. I mean really I thought pushing to 20k was something lol

25th Jul 2010, 22:23
ive gotten to 36k,i am seriously considering buying the Ipod verison of it

25th Jul 2010, 22:26
If I had an I-Pod or I-Phone I would defiantly get it.

25th Jul 2010, 23:32
I like that game, though the music keeps reminding me of the matching music video, and that really weirds me out.

A similar game that I like it Canabalt (http://www.canabalt.com/). It's not exactly the same, but sort of similar. It also has a great soundtrack.

25th Jul 2010, 23:46
new personal best 42,206

26th Jul 2010, 19:11
Adult Swim? Pfft, Viva Caligula all the way.

And Soviet Amerika, weren't my only follower for the DLC AAR on the Paradox foums?