View Full Version : MISC. Humans could use a DPS boost

31st Mar 2014, 23:53
I've only just started playing (only reached level 11), but I already feel like the Humans are far too underpowered. The Vampires are quick and strong, as they should be. But, in comparison, the Humans are slow and weak. What I mean by this is, for being as slow as they are, I think they should at least hit a little harder. Because, at the moment, Vampires can knock you on your ass, then out run you. On the other hand, Humans simply annoy the Vampires and can't escape when all hell comes crashing down on your head. It feels like no contest, and creates a one-sided experience.

Just food for thought.

31st Mar 2014, 23:55
Stick with other humans and focus fire, you'll find strength in teamwork that the vamps lack

31st Mar 2014, 23:58
I agree. But, since the Vampires are so efficient at divide and conquer, the damage boost would at least help survival. Even some knock back would help; when you're trying to escape even a single Vamp.

1st Apr 2014, 00:16
Probably not. Humans have a range advantage and can easily out dps a vampire. It really comes down to team coordination.

1st Apr 2014, 00:17
It would help new players when they're human, but it would upset the balance with more experienced players who have the teamwork down

Honestly, you shouldn't be running off on your own as a human

1st Apr 2014, 05:04
As you get higher in level you'll see that Humans can absolutely *crush* a vampire offensive unless the Leeches have an opportune strike and cash in on it, or attack in coordinated teams to separate or flush out human defensive spots.

Lone humans die. Non-cohesive human teams are iffy. Coordinated human teams are masters of the battlefield.