View Full Version : Laptop Woes.

24th Jul 2010, 11:33
Hi all. I'm having a slight issue again with controls. This time, in every game (TR - TR8).My enter won't work in any of them, neither will space. I cant change control because of this.

At the moment I'm going through TR3 for the second time because I want to play the games in order. Here's the problem. In Nevada and the third Indian Level there are quadbikes. Quadbikes that I can't dismount.

Why? Because I can't push End and a directional key together. Because end is also Page Down (holding the Fn key makes it end), and because my directional buttons also have second functions, it doesn't want to work. I cant change the controls because enter wont work and neither will space bar.

I have patched all the earlier games with TRChronicle's patching tool. However it doesn't help.

Any advice?

16th Aug 2010, 05:10
Tomb Raider just hates you, huh?

Are your games full-screen? If not, try making them windowed....I had that problem and windowing them and THEN changing the controls worked. Otherwise, I don't know. :scratch: