View Full Version : Your LoL Moment In The Demo (Online)

22nd Jul 2010, 23:03
My LoL Moment Has To be When There Was two People alive (Me and some dude) and where waiting for the van to pull up.Then the Guy Takes Me Hostage becoming a Traitor, little does he & I know that where Standing in the Middle of the Alley and the van pulls Up and rans Both of Us Over... Thats What He gets for Trying to Kill me LOL:cool:

23rd Jul 2010, 01:20
I think it was Me, Bawabus, Johnson and some other fellow standing about at the end of the round. Johnson decides to betray the other fellow since he rage quit a previous match. He betrays him and we just let it be. Johnson says he wants us to stick around to help him against the other fellow when he respawns as cop. We say yeah sure, then jump in the van the second it pulls up. The other fellow walks in right then and both Johnson and him get downed while the van drives away. It was absolutely hilarious at the time.

23rd Jul 2010, 03:39
I have to say...
The time that this one guy betrayed all seven of us, then we all respawned as cops, and followed him to the escape point, where he called in for a van. We all started shooting at him, he turned towards up and started shooting back, and then the van comes in from behind and runs him over! AND he was carrying all 4 million dollars! I mean, what are the odds?