View Full Version : How To Upgrade BAA To Version 1.1?

19th Jul 2010, 02:53
I've already downloaded the update file, but I don't know how to update it , can someone teach me how to do it?

19th Jul 2010, 09:16
Do you have the game of the year edition? That doesn't need (and cannot take!) the update.

GOTY 1.0 is more up-to-date than Normal 1.1 :)

If you have the normal version, just double click the update file to run it.

19th Jul 2010, 14:15
I didn't have the GOTY 1.0 , just the normal version, so which update file i should press it?? Cause the winrar file has many files ...

19th Jul 2010, 15:09
Extract everything to a folder and run setup.exe.

19th Jul 2010, 15:41
Wait, what?


Download this exe file and run it. Don't extract it using winrar. If the file you've downloaded is a rar file, you haven't got the official patch and who knows what it contains!

24th Jul 2010, 08:51
Hey, I just downloaded the file u called me to. I've installed it, but the title of BAA still hasn't changes, it's still v1.0!! And my version wasn't GOTY ! What am I missing?

26th Jul 2010, 09:03
When you installed Arkham Asylum, did you install it in the default directory?

Also, I assume that you're using a legit version of the game? I doubt that the 1.1 patch works on pirated versions.

28th Jul 2010, 03:05
Oh, I didn't install it in the default directory , so what should I do now ??
Cut the BAA file to the default directory and install again??
If I had to do so can u show me the default directory of it??

28th Jul 2010, 09:24
I don't think you HAVE to install to the default directory - but a couple of people have found that using the default directory fixes issues.

Uninstall, then install again just clicking the next/ok button and not inputting or browsing to any other directories. Hopefully that will do the trick.

Fingers crossed...