View Full Version : Abour E3 gameplay leak...

18th Jul 2010, 21:20
Everybody who wanted to see has already seen it... in a crappy video quality... (not to mention a dudes head in the middle of the screen...)

So MAYBE it makes sense to release the same gameplay in HD, I'm not insisting again, but I mean it did not hurt TESIV:Oblivion... can it hurt Dx3?

Then, I know many people will prefer not to see anything until they get this **** at home and can play it and drool over the game manual...

But I say release it. I'd watch it 10 times per day. :)


Dang, my stupid Razer Lycosa has gone crazy (again) and I can't type on this stupid keyboard... I guess gotta switch to Alienware Keyboard... soon.

18th Jul 2010, 21:31
I don't think you'll find anyone here who disagrees with you, brother. However, please continue the discussion in the thread pertaining to the gameplay leak.