View Full Version : Info for Screen Freezes / Black Screen Crash Sufferers.

16th Jul 2010, 20:21
May have found a possible solution for this problem. I was seeing appcrashB1 in internet explorer 8 several times a day, and the same appcrashB1 in Just Cause 2 after 20 mins or so of game time.

I had alot of services and start up programs disabled in MSCONFIG, I enabled them all in an attempt to rid myself of the appcrashB1. Slowed my PC down a bit yes, but the appcrash error went away in IE amost instantly, aswell as the appcrash error in Just Cause 2.

Whether this is an nvidia service, or service relating to another piece of hardware, I dont know, but one of the services I had disabled seemed to relate to appcrashB1.

My crash was not the same as a TDR, although the symptoms are incredibly similar. I believe alot of you maywell be suffering from TDR's, this is a fault of your hardware, not the game itself, and needs to be troubleshooted significantly to fix it. You can find info on TDR's in the NZone forums but trust me, if you have one, they are simple to fix if you keep your head screwed on.