View Full Version : So how good is the story ?

16th Jul 2010, 13:57
:nut: Sooooo i did a litle drawing, and now im adding it to a subject...im just soooo clever ;-)

Yeahhh loved the demo, now all that is left is ...how god is the story:whistle:


yeah, i even like the multi-player after watching that "giantbomb" playing stuff..:lol:

16th Jul 2010, 14:20
. . .

Awe christ , why am i the first to post ? i don't know what to say ! ...

Uuuhh ... they found out that it wasn't cookies but t'was Muffins ? ...

16th Jul 2010, 14:37
gnrGrievous, maybe sometimes you do not have to say anything. Please, stop posting senseless messages. We are tired deleting them from every topic.

16th Jul 2010, 14:50
Hey, if Psychonauts taught me anything, Girl Scouts pack explosives in their cookie boxes and are involved in a massive conspiracy involving the most dangerous man in existence.

EDIT: Acid_Burn is terrifying.

16th Jul 2010, 15:04
EDIT: Acid_Burn is terrifying.

You ain't seen nothing yet ...

16th Jul 2010, 15:05
Yeah those cookie scout can be hell.....

Anyway....a wanted to draw lynch, the rest was just....story/background, and yeah i did drop a few thoughts on the story while i made it, and both angry and happy IO did not show/tell more from the story - dont wanna have it spoiled

16th Jul 2010, 15:09
Indeed , unlike for Dead Men IO managed not to spoil three quarters of the story this time around , mighty achievement i say ...

18th Jul 2010, 00:26
Acid_Burn is terrifying.

You ain't seen nothing yet ...

Actually , kind of think of it , we'll never see it , and we never felt nothing either , as the moderators are not allowed to show any emotions or to makes us feel any either , it is not in their rules to show their happy glees nor inspire 'terrifying' moods ...

Shame really ...

They can be annoying with their smileys and constant spewing of 'cheers' though , and downright insulting our intelligence at some occasions , but they'll never respond in the same way that we do when we talk to one another ...

So ...