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15th Jul 2010, 20:36
Now since the online is gone in the demo, have you been playing the Arcade Mode more?

I actually played the Arcade today for the second time and I liked it little more then last time. Sadly I only got to round 6 with over 15 million.

How far have you gotten?

15th Jul 2010, 21:00
It is much more easier to betray, i managed to get something over 2 million but died on streets with purple lights everywhere.

15th Jul 2010, 21:41
Yeah it is much easier to betray but the A.I doesn't do jack s.h.i.t past round 4. Most of the time, I'm killing all the cops cause the gang hangs behind trash-cans lol

16th Jul 2010, 01:18
One time, all the bots decided to go traitor at the exact same time about a minute into the match. So far that's my favourite experience with Arcade mode.

16th Jul 2010, 04:25
Do the bots betray one another ? or they only turn against the human player ? ...

16th Jul 2010, 04:38
I've never seen them turn on each other.

However, it's fun trying to kill all of them one by one. On higher rounds, they take more bullets to get killed. And the fact that now you have six minutes, it give you enough of time to escape with four million dollars.

16th Jul 2010, 04:59
Shame they don't turn on each other , because that means when they betray you , it's you against all of them , not like one bot against you and three other bots against the traitor and so on ...

16th Jul 2010, 05:27
Yeah, it's really not that great. It's a fun practice mode but after 7 rounds on same map, it just gets repetitive as the A.I is almost always the same.

16th Jul 2010, 05:41
Won't be going back after getting the trophy that are related to Arcade mode , then ...

16th Jul 2010, 05:43
Yeah, that's kinda how I feel about it.

Still I think I improved my aim, can snipe with that riffle without scope much better now.

16th Jul 2010, 13:05
The sniper is kind of odd in Dog Day's....but it is much easier then other games with snipers.

16th Jul 2010, 14:16
What do you mean 'odd' ? ...

Is it shaped like a boomrang and fires hamsters or what ? ...

16th Jul 2010, 15:25
You don't look through the scope, when you aim it just zooms in.

16th Jul 2010, 15:30
That's cause they're professionals ...

16th Jul 2010, 17:49
I didn't even unlock the one with scope yet :(

17th Jul 2010, 01:41
Bots do betray each other, that or the bots simultaneously got really unlucky with friendly fire.

ChrmoSchwinn/Terry Bogard
17th Jul 2010, 13:10
Come join our lobbies..

18th Jul 2010, 00:39
Bots do betray each other, that or the bots simultaneously got really unlucky with friendly fire.

File that to poor A.I section ...

Seriously though , it'll be grand if the bots do betray one another as well , and form teams on their own occasionaly , that way i'll never play online ever again and worry about host disconnecting matches if he gets a slap in the face for being stupid ...

18th Jul 2010, 06:35
Maybe it's an ACOG scope?

18th Jul 2010, 08:47
I played some arcade mode now, and i like it ;-)

Its short, well kind off - depends how far you go

The ai is not playing like a jerk, but try to go to the end

very cool training mode, also if you take different routes you will get a feeling for the game, and what you role is, to push the game forward...

Anybody knows if all multiplayermaps will be in arcade mode ?

18th Jul 2010, 19:00

Yes, I'm pretty sure all the MP maps will be in arcade mode.

19th Jul 2010, 00:06
You don't look through the scope, when you aim it just zooms in.
1.I wish it had a deeper zoom, and you could look down the scope.
2.can you play spit screen or more than one player.