View Full Version : Character Model Damage??

15th Jul 2010, 09:25
Feels weird not seeing any blood on the characters like maybe blood stains on lynchs shirt or blood spots on his arms or legs... Same with Kane, the first game had visible damage like blood on them ... So why not the much improved sequel huh??

15th Jul 2010, 15:04
Who knows?

15th Jul 2010, 15:10
Does it matter?

Some of the wounds in Kane and Lynch were hilarious. I remember Kane's backpack got a flesh wound when I was playing through Retomoto Tower.

15th Jul 2010, 15:19
I thought i saw some in Dog Days' Fragile Alliance ...

15th Jul 2010, 17:36
lol in K&L1 the funniest for me was Lynch getting a head shot flesh wound.. he's like... "yeah i'll be fine" *picks bullet from his forehead*

anyways.. reguarding realistic model damage... I'd say.. fine if IOI wishes to that.. I'd be more than happy to see it at play! as long as it's consistent!

15th Jul 2010, 17:42
As in the dogs gets wreaked to shreds when facing Lynch's shotgun ? ...

15th Jul 2010, 17:47
Before the exclusive demo came out, some video's from the bar shootout, you see Kane roll over the table followed by Lynch and then a bullet hits Kane right where his spine should be. You see blood splurt out and Kane kind of reacts to hit aswell but i am guessing Kane forgot.

16th Jul 2010, 04:09
Typical Kane loyalist will say that's just another sign of his badassness , as Kane doesn't have got time to bleed ...

17th Jul 2010, 01:16
You can still do those blood decals on dead bodies, try it on the tied up restaurant employees in the kitchen.

Sadly, no shooting people in the face and filling their face full of lead :P

18th Jul 2010, 00:41
Sadly, no shooting people in the face and filling their face full of lead :P

That's the law of the Hitman universe , no matter how big your shotgun is , that corpse's face is going to stay intact ...

18th Jul 2010, 06:31
I never cared for seeing lynch run around with a bullet holes littering his face and still running around.

19th Jul 2010, 01:50
I never cared for seeing lynch run around with a bullet holes littering his face and still running around.

My Lynch looked like Two Face once ...

That or a man half burned with hot chocolate ...

21st Jul 2010, 19:42
Today I played around with headshots a bit. If you headshot someone, then kneel down next to the head and look closely, you will see what looks like a large open wound right above the face, where the mosaic filter ends (it only covers the victim's face, not the wound itself).

Now this: Shoot one of those civilians who drive a car. Take care that only the window pane you are aiming through gets shattered - Best way to go is to shoot through the side window. Now walk to the front of the car and look at the corpse through the windshield: As long as there's glass between you and the body, there will be no censor effect. You'll see that there's indeed a huge gunshot wound with exposed brains and blood running all over the victim's distorted face.

21st Jul 2010, 19:47
That's a lot of work for something that ends up being censored ...
Can we expect a "no censor" filter after completed the game ? ...

21st Jul 2010, 20:01
Maybe. As in Red Dead Redemption, you can only trigger a "gruesome" headshot when the victim is still alive. Post mortem shooting will only leave standard bullet holes. A small caliber bullet to the head might leave the target only half-dead (squirming and groaning for several seconds), a second shot in that period can still trigger a facewound. Executing a hostage also brings up the censor filter. Below, there's a hole in the side of the victim's head and blood spattered all over his face.

21st Jul 2010, 20:51
A'ight, next one: If you shotgun a SWAT member right in the face, there will be a mosaic effect, too. There's some serious red covered by those pixels, somewhat like the helmet's visor being blown and the victim's eye area severely injured. Mostly no pool of blood spreading under the head, because of the helmet.