View Full Version : Exclusive Demo Coming to an End

14th Jul 2010, 10:43
Today is the last day of the lifespan of the exclusive demo. If you want to get your action on in the online modes, make it today as we're shutting online functionality down tonight around midnight.

We hope you've all enjoyed the demo - we certainly had a blast playing you and appreciate all the feedback that's been given. Game is now gold but we're still working on implementing feedback - possibly in the form of a game update coming out after launch.*

Also note that there's another demo coming out soon, which will be widely available for all three formats (PC, Xbox360 and PS3).

* No, we're not promising a game update. I'm saying that we're looking into adding some suggestions. Much of your feedback has already been implemented.

14th Jul 2010, 10:54

No more whipping nicks arse :(

14th Jul 2010, 11:03
Much of your feedback has already been implemented.

I hate to be the guy, but...can you be more specific about that? ;)

The demo's been a blast, can't wait for the release, thanks for letting me in.

14th Jul 2010, 11:06
Well, I'm not sure what they've implemented exactly. I'm hoping to get an update but everyone is super busy because the studio is going on holiday for three weeks this Friday. When I know, you'll know. :)

14th Jul 2010, 14:08
Can't we at least have it till my birthday on July 25th? :(
What am I supposed to do now?

Nah, it's all cool. The demo was really awesome so I can't wait to get the game when it comes out.

Anyway is it midnight in what time zone?

14th Jul 2010, 14:20
So online will be gone BUT, can we still play single player and arcade mode?
Will this new demo be the same?

14th Jul 2010, 17:04
So online will be gone BUT, can we still play single player and arcade mode?
Will this new demo be the same?

Yes, offline mode will still be available. New demo will feature same levels but will be without Cops & Robbers and Undercover Cop.

14th Jul 2010, 18:01
It is hard to find Fragile Alliance game modes on the exclusive demo, will this be fixed for the new demo?

Will there be an option of inviting friends to an exisiting game or one that is in the lobby?

14th Jul 2010, 19:29
Au revoir demo, I enjoyed you immensely.

14th Jul 2010, 20:32
Au revoir demo, I enjoyed you immensely.

That was disgusting , you ought to be ashamed of yourself , sir ...

14th Jul 2010, 22:41
Well, thanks for the demo. And enjoy your holiday, as far as I'm concerned, you've earned it.

One of Seven
15th Jul 2010, 00:16
Game's a blast, exceeded my expectations and converted my friends who didn't like the first one. I've already reserved it, can't wait.

17th Jul 2010, 01:14
Thank you Nick for the demo, was completely sold on it, and I'll keep on playing the single-player side of the demo.

Surprisingly, a lot of people didn't become traitors in Fragile Alliance whenever I played it.

17th Jul 2010, 10:15
Yes! Thank you so much for the demo, Nick/IO. Can't wait to get my hands on the full game...