View Full Version : Regional DLC problem

13th Jul 2010, 19:06
Hello everyone. Here is my situation. I bought my copy of the PC version of the game in a retail shop here, where I live, in Russia. I registered the game on Steam and I was able to buy and download Black Market Aerial Pack, Chevalier Ice Breaker, Monster Truck and Tuk Tuk DLC's. But I don't see any other DLC available through Steam - like Chevalier Classic or Rico's Signature Gun or Bull's Eye Assault Rifle. The Steam support answered my question to them that all of the DLC's are region affected and that they have no information if it will ever be available for my region. So my questions are:
1) if the DLC's are region affected why then some of them are available and some not?
2) is it possible to change the situation - because I really do want to buy all the other DLC's and support the game developers further.

I would be very glad to get some answers or information on this. Thanks :)

15th Jul 2010, 05:48
So :) Is there anyone able to help me and answer my questions?