View Full Version : A few questions

12th Jul 2010, 00:03
First of all when did this ever become a Square Enix game? Last time I heard Eidos Montreal was doing it!
Well and secondly, since it went so long without having a single picture up until recent events, Do you think the work
everyone put into the game is gonna be worth it? By that I mean do you think that it will turn out to be a good game!

12th Jul 2010, 01:59
One of these threads, boy oh boy.

1) Squeenix is really just doing the trailers and such. Eidos is still in charge of the game.
2) Er... Can you rephrase that? :confused:

12th Jul 2010, 03:30
1. Square bought Eidos in 2009, but they're just publishers. Same dev team.
2. You don't want to ask that

12th Jul 2010, 06:24
Square Enix is the Publisher. As for how you think the game will end up, only time will tell. You may continue this discussion in one of the many threads already active for it.