View Full Version : Game freezes & crashes

11th Jul 2010, 12:20
Reapeatedly crashing to desktop saying "Display Driver AMD has stopped responding and has succesfully recovered". So I updated my ATI driver to 10.6 catalyst. No changes.

More information about the problem:
I can get into the game, and then one of the possible options happen:
1) It freezes immidiately. Screen blacks. Returns with sounds still working, game screen white and "Display Driver AMD ......"
2)" " Just that I can play ten seconds then freeze
3) It freezes without even getting to the menu and crashes.

6GB Ram
ATI 5770HD
Intel i7 2.89 GHz(Four cores)

I have set the settings in the game to low, made it t be in a windw on 7** X 1280, but it didn't help.

I looked up a few threads in the forums, and saw the responses that didn't really help and bo solution was given.