View Full Version : To developers: System link in Story Mode

9th Jul 2010, 19:48
Hi everyone :wave:,

I played the Story Mode in the demo, and its kinda cool, but...

Why aren't there a system link option to play coop?:(

When playing coop through Xbob Live, even if the 2 players are inn the sale room, there is lag...:mad2:

Plus, there are people who has only one xbox live membership, and would like to play the game in coop without paying another one...;)

There is a system link option in multiplayer mode, so why isn't there one in Story mode?:scratch:

Thanks by advance to devs if you could answer this question, and tell me if there will be such an option in the final game.

Best regards, and congrats for the great job you've done so far, this game is awesome!!!:D