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30th Mar 2014, 16:47
OK, been playing a couple of days since it came out on Steam and here's the things that instantly jump out at me that need fixing. It's a mix of bugs and general game issues and chances are some of this has been mentioned before but I'm just gonna cut straight through it. Let me preface and say that I'm really digging it all, else I wouldn't be wasting my time giving feedback like this. Great fun so far!

1. 5vs3 matches.
Don't know how it happens but sometimes the matchmaker gets it wrong and allows teams of 5v3, which is obviously crazy.

2. A button to bring up the loadout screen.
If you press escape at the start of a match and exit the very first loadout screen, then you can't bring it back up and can't spawn at all for the match. You're forced to quit the game.

3. A kill command.
So that you can kill yourself if and when you get stuck.

4. Improve the feel of dragging a corpse.
The movement when dragging a corpse feels horribly clunky, and not in the "I'm dragged a corpse so I'm moving slower" clunky but rather that you get stuck on the environment constantly while doing it. Frustrating as if you're dragging it it is because it's too dangerous a situation to feed on the spot so getting stuck on objects and dying is rubbish.

5. Ghost wind.
Sometimes I play a game and there's one spot on the map that has very loud roaring wind sound sample playing.

6. Clarity.
The shop and the game itself isn't very clear about anything. For example... How do special items work? Once perks from end game run out of their 24h should I delete them? How do you fly as a Sentinel? etc

7. Chests, do something about them.
My inventory is filling up with chests I'm not going to use. Doesn't help that I'm not even sure what I might get in the chests if I were to buy a key and open them. What's in them? Is there abilities with special stats or is it just primary weapons? Which leads onto point...

8. Keys have disappeared from the shop.
The tools tab is just blank for me.

9. Balance.
Seems the vamps are way stronger. On average, if I get beaten when I'm playing the Vampire round, I just know I'm going to be destroyed in the Human round. I can have a very fun close battle playing as one race but then as soon as we switch sides the next round is a landslide. I know the Vamps have all the cooler stuff but the humans, if slightly plainer, should still be able to hold their own.

10. Levelling system.
It does nothing. I know you're planning on working something into this so I'll wait and see but make sure and retroactively award whatever you put into it for players who've already levelled up.

11. Achievements.
A rich achievement system really adds fun to a game.

12. Bugs.
There's a lot. Corpses not disappearing. Suddenly flying into the air when climbing things, etc, etc, etc...

13. Maps.
Definitely needs a good few more maps. I've only been playing since it went on steam and already they're beginning to grate. Not that they aren't good, just that variety is the spice of life in this case. The more maps the better.

14. You're about to be kicked for idling.
Sometimes I minimise the game between rounds and very occasionally I'll be slightly late coming back. When I do I see the "you're about to be kicked for idling" message but it seems like I've already been kicked because I can't move or do anything. I have to quit the match manually instead of being bounced to the lobby.

15. Shop.
You should be able to sell items for small amounts of gold. Say you're finally lucky enough to get an end of round drop that isn't a chest or a perk but you've already got one of the same that you prefer. You should be able to sell that instead of it just taking up space in your inventory or than simply having to delete it for absolutely no gain whatsoever. Also, daily perks you win at the end of matches, once their 24 hours are up they should be useful for something. Allow them to be sold for 1 gold piece or something. Just deleting thing is no fun.

16. Trade chests for a chance at enchantment.
Chests are a bummer, especially for people who don't want to buy keys. Maybe allow us to trade in unopened chests to put a random enchantment on an item, or even a chance to. Say you trade 10 chests (or whatever number) and there's a 50% chance (or whatever number) that a basic random enchantment is put on a stock weapon that you've gone and bought from the shop (the usual positive and negative combo buff to keep it balanced). Then if you don't like that, you can sell it, buy another blank weapon and use another 10 chests to try again for a better enchantment.

17. Permanent prices first please.
I like the fact that there is rentals available but, please, show us the permanent price on the store page as that's where 99% of my gold is going to go.

That's it for now... Keep up the good work!

P.S. wanted to prefix misc but couldn't, had to choose store.


18. Human Fall Damage.
It's too high. As a human your movement is already very limited so trying to navigate a map on low health becomes impossible in some situations. Obviously this needs to be tweaked a bit so that the Sentinel's primary still does it's damage.

19. Loot appears only 2 seconds before end game screen disappears
Often have to check my inventory after to see if I got anything.