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8th Jul 2010, 19:22
So anyone out there know what's going on with the Legacy of Kain/blood omen/soulrever series? These were some of my favroite games and I haven't seen any new releases sence the PS3 was released like 2-3 years ago. Any input would help. Thanks.

8th Jul 2010, 19:38
Welcome to the forums. You may find more info on the Kain boards. Umah (mod) is probably the best person to ask. :)

8th Jul 2010, 20:08
In short: the vampires' tombs got raided.

dumah's wraith
8th Jul 2010, 20:24
There's no official announcement of any kind. A proposed sequel to Defiance was cancelled, and nothing has happened since to confirm or deny that the series will be continued. But hang around, if there is news, we'll hear it here first.

(And make sure and vote in the 'favourite series' thread.) Welcome to the forums.

12th Jul 2010, 04:48
Welcome to the forums. I have an entire thread dedicated to the status of Legacy of Kain (which is currently in the purgatory between active updates and officially declared dead) and what you can do to get a new game put into the works. To quote Captain Planet: The power is yours!

Just click the link in my signature to be taken to the thread.

dumah's wraith
14th Jul 2010, 20:37
'Officially declared dead'?:eek: When? Where?

15th Jul 2010, 05:11
'Officially declared dead'?:eek: When? Where?

No no no no no! You've mistaken me. I said that it was in the spot BETWEEN being actively updated and being declared dead. What that is supposed to mean is that while we have no news of it being updated, it also hasn't been officially killed (i.e. we can still hold out hope for another game).

Let me make this clear to all: Legacy of Kain isn't dead. We still have hope for a new game. Don't give up the fight.

dumah's wraith
16th Jul 2010, 20:51
Oh, ok. I read that as being between installments and also officially declared dead.