View Full Version : what base hated you the most?

8th Jul 2010, 17:49
what base did you hate the most?? tell it here. but it has to be at 100%!

i hated the harbor/refinery island (don't remember the name) the most. its that big island with 50 silos. between the harbor and the 3 HQ's.

10 minutes of g9 attacks. 5 minutes with a heli attack, 2 times a new heli. 15 minutes gathering boxes. died 3 times.

and why over 50 silos?? there just 90 over the whole map!

8th Jul 2010, 18:55
definitely the one that is shaped like a horse shoe and is a military harbour. And also the last mission presidents base.
That is all. :p

8th Jul 2010, 19:06
all bases love me!

that's because i bring treats, and when the pin is pulled Mr. grenade is no longer your friend.


9th Jul 2010, 00:26
the base that you rescue the reaper in the container. Run Beep RUN

9th Jul 2010, 00:35
That base to the south of Blain's house where a rocket launcher is located inside a wooden box...its very sensitive...once you attack they will call in air support immediately and it spawns hundreds of grunts by the dozens...to be such a small base they protect it like it was fort knox.