View Full Version : Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries released as freeware.

6th Jul 2010, 18:10
Hey guys, if you're not into Mechwarrior then you may want to skip this. Long story short, around april or so, Microsoft apparently let Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries be released as freeware. I've been playing Mechwarrior since the early 90's, and so this is really awesome for me at least. It's a really polished game, but obviously the visuals are a bit dated. Either way, I've read reports that multiplayer works great.

Check it out if you want.

I had a little trouble downloading from their server earlier, so I've hosted the file on my own site as well.

6th Jul 2010, 18:20
is this the game that i think it is ? the one where level one was killing one robot , level two was a couple more , and level three after you killed the robots you had to send a transmission , but since i never knew how to do it i got stuck and never past the game from that point ...

*cries* ...