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5th Jul 2010, 22:17
I was just on the third round of an Undercover Cop game.

Right at the beginning, I ran over to collect some data. While I was doing this, I saw another guy near me collecting data as well, but he was suspiciously holding a fire extinguisher. So I check the scoreboard, and sure enough, he's one of only two guys with no kills yet.

Right as I realize he's probably most definitely the cop, the whole rest of the team comes to collect the same data I'm collecting, not noticing the guy holding the extinguisher 4 feet away.

In a split second move I run away from the rest of the team, towards the cop. He throws the extinguisher as I run past him, and KILLS EVERYONE... except me. Oh man, it was horrible... :P

Not noticing I ran past him so quickly, I was able to get him from behind (lulz) and kill him, leaving me all ALONE to collect over 4 MILLION DOLLARS (puts pinky to mouth). It was pretty awesome.

...But for some reason, the clock had at some point jumped down to like 30 seconds. 4 minutes had definitely not passed, so what the hell happened?

I'm assuming it glitched out somehow, has this happened to anyone else?

5th Jul 2010, 22:24
keep putting feedback anything that helps make online great in the full verison

5th Jul 2010, 22:52
You know someone could make a movie out of this story , this will act as the film's prolog ...

5th Jul 2010, 23:04
LOL, yeah, a bit dramatic I guess.

6th Jul 2010, 01:34
It happens all the time. The time just ticks by fast when you're stealing S.H.I.T

6th Jul 2010, 01:54
crazy story.