View Full Version : looking for people who want to join a warband

30th Mar 2014, 09:33
hey i'm looking for some guys who want to group up together and dominate the battle field.

!. All who want to join my warband must of a way to communicate with me though a mic

2. All must have a somewhat positive attitude grieving is not allowed nor is harassment or any kind of bad sportsmanship.

3. must have a semi-professional demeanor and must act accordingly,this does not mean we wont have fun and i'm a very laid back kind of guy.(jokes are appreciated)

i will send all applicants a friend invite via steam however if u do not have steam pleas put down the best way of contacting you except phone number i will not accept phone numbers.

hope to see you guys on the battle field soon!

30th Mar 2014, 16:22
I'm down. I've got Raid Call and Teamspeak. I'm only like level 3, but I easily understand coordination and tactics.
I main Tyrant and Alchemist.
In-Game Name: NearSightdSniper

30th Mar 2014, 17:34
great i have sent u a friend request via steam, it should say ether cludd or abyssaldeatheus. hope to get to meet you soon and as always good luck on the hunting grounds

30th Mar 2014, 18:17
Have you heard of Vae Victis? http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=7338
We have both players for fun and players for pro. We have a mumble paid server (you donate if you want) and a website with chat =P
We've got around 50 players already. If you wanna join us, just apply to the fb group =D there you'll get more info about us. If not, I'm sorry for this entire comment =P

30th Mar 2014, 19:17
yeah i'm trying to start my own group i have the immortal pack so after the creative process i will be reserving the name. however i hope to see the vae victis on the battlefield and wish u guys the best of luck

30th Mar 2014, 23:49
I, in the name of the entre Vae Victis clan, wish you the best of luck too, and hope to see you in the battlefield.
May the coin land on it's edge for you!

3rd Apr 2014, 08:11
If you are still looking I main Reaver and Scout (but am also adept at Tyrant). I have Razor Comms, Vent, and Mumble. Used to play for a pro L4D2 team called "It's Magic!" and I love this game for the similar mechanics.

Dark_Dc is steam. Or Snoz.

4th Apr 2014, 14:00
I would be interested, Steam is predatormc999