View Full Version : 1up is giving away 1000 tokens!!!

5th Jul 2010, 18:45
1up is giving away a bunch of free tokens. Go to the website and make an account and then send Kanelynch2 a private message. You should be able to get a token eventually. That's how I got mine.:)

5th Jul 2010, 18:47
This really isn't such a exclusive demo now is it ? ...

5th Jul 2010, 18:51
Thats true but I sent my message to that guy on June 7th and then I didnt get the code till 6 hours later. It said I couldn't access it till July 1st though obviously lol

5th Jul 2010, 20:08
your right, but your too late to post this. They are out already.

5th Jul 2010, 20:22
WHOOPs ...

5th Jul 2010, 20:26
That sux, I really shoulda posted this a long time ago. Although i don't think I was on these forums june 7.:confused:

5th Jul 2010, 20:28
Nah man , you were still stuck in the twilight zone back then ...