View Full Version : Tokens available for Scandinavian Gamers

El Hadji
5th Jul 2010, 17:20
I still have some tokens from our recent Kane & Lynch 2 demo giveway...

If you can understand Swedish just visit Xboyz.se (http://xboyz.se) to see what you have to do to get your hands on a token. If you can't understand Swedish send me a PM via Xbox.com (http://forums.xbox.com) (Gamertag same as my username here).

Why this hazzle you might ask? Well, these tokens were given to me in order to promote the game in Sweden and Scandinavia and that is what I am going to use them for... By registrering at my website and/or PM'ing me via Xbox.com I can verify that your IP and Gamertag belongs in the right region.

5th Jul 2010, 20:18
Give one to Kåre Hedebrant... No wait, he's only 14 :D .

El Hadji
7th Jul 2010, 12:56
Since only 10 Scandinavian gamers and one german showed interest in tokens, I'll might as well give the rest away too...

Hit me up with a message via Xbox LIVE (http://live.xbox.com/en-US/profile/MessageCenter/SendMessage.aspx) and I'll hand out codes for as long as they last. I will post in this thread when I'm out of codes...

7th Jul 2010, 17:02
send one to xUKx Spiderspud on xboxlive please :D