View Full Version : MISC. Lag?

30th Mar 2014, 01:25
So I've been playing after buying this glorious game from steam. I have lag, I sort of helped it but I still lag when looking at the map. I was hoping that someone could have some tips. I know some may say "Oh you need to get a better computer" But I'd appreciate if you could give me any tips. Please and thank you.

30th Mar 2014, 09:17
hey yeah i thought i had a lot of lag but check to see how many frames your getting i had 39 ping and somehow lag i looked and was only getting 5 fps i changed my settings to low and now im at 20 fps which is playable and there is almost no difference in quality.

30th Mar 2014, 17:26
What are you system specs?

Try lowering your display settings and see if that makes a difference. What Ping are you receiving whilst having the lag? Is it happening all the time or only at certain points in matches?