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4th Jul 2010, 01:35
When i join one of the three fractions. Do i have to complete the game with that fraction or can i do work for other fractions throughout the game

As of now i am with the Ular Boys and i dont really like them, i want to try out the Roaches. I've already done the Reapers in the demo.

i hope you can switch.

4th Jul 2010, 01:44
You can do different faction missions at any time. The first faction you talk to does NOT have to be the one you beat the game with. At the end of the game you simply choose a faction to win with but it doesn't really effect anything at all. Once you beat the game you can still go back and play any faction's missions but make sure you do all the Strongholds before you beat the game. (I've heard that the Strongholds not completed will disappear once you beat the game)

Hope I helped.

4th Jul 2010, 01:53
Awesome thanks, its great to know i dont have to stick around with the Ular Boys all the time. Anyhing i should know when im playing the game?
like colonels? i killed one and when i went to look him up it didnt show a face. just a blanked out figure.

anything i should do that will disapear if i dont.
LOL! im at 4hr playing time and 3% i dont wanna restart JUST to do a certin mission or recive a vehicle ect ect.

Oh and.
Thank you!!! :D

4th Jul 2010, 03:56
No problem. =)

Listen here, DO NOT 100% the two Panaun Military Airports that have the two big cargo planes. The cargo planes will be gone forever if you do. The main airport near the city I've heard is OK if you 100% it. Those big Passenger jets should stay.

The two Airports you should NOT 100% are in Red and the Civilian one you should be able to is in Green:


4th Jul 2010, 15:19
Lol, thanks. its stuff like that i need to watch out for. Thanks a lot!
im gonna go play some Just Cause 2 now. man i love that game.

the demo got me hooked,