View Full Version : Shellshock Nam 67 Fatal Error

War Machine
3rd Jul 2010, 18:01
Installation successful. When I attempt to play the game I recieve a Fatal Error message. It says - Failed to open cache:scripts/menu/startup.luabin. Wth is this??? Anyone??

16th Aug 2010, 15:06
The game is ****. Those who made it must be somewhat or completley retarded. It appears as if this game does not work for anyone.

Agent 47GR
8th Sep 2013, 10:46
Hello Eidos! I have a problem with shellshock nam 67! i have put the crack everything and im starting the game excellent BUT when i start mission 1 only i can i see are the weapon,bullets,map and blips etc.... and a black screen that make shellshock stop working! why i have this problem? im fan of hitman and shellshock ! PLEASE EIDOS MEMBERS GIVE ME THE EASY WAY TO FIX THIS! :( I HAVE WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL Nvidia 9600 GtForce AMD ATHLON 6400+ DUAL PROCESSOR! GB RAM 2.5 AND HARD DISK 500GB!

17th Dec 2013, 00:41
may I recommend you go buy a console version. the PC version is broken. I know that because it doesn't work on any computer in past. I only use PS2 version to play. it's better and works great!