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3rd Jul 2010, 04:03
So, how many do we know as of yet?

I am fairly sure I saw two achievements popping up during one of the many gameplay videos that popped during E3. One was 'Tomb Raider', though I can't tell yet what are the requirements (most likely related to score or reaching a number of collected jewels), and the other was 'Instant Sushi', awared right after beating Chompy.

I like boss and story related trophies in retail games, but since we're limited to so few trophies on downloadable games, I'd prefer some highly demanding trophies instead. :D I also noticed there's an ingame challenge reward system, probably there's one trophy/achievement attached to that as well.

3rd Jul 2010, 21:00
I really hope they won´t all be story-based. A good challenge is loads of fun, it would also give this game even more replay value.

I´m looking forward to find out the achievements, the ´Instant sushi´ one made me lol. :lol:

4th Jul 2010, 08:28
There haven't been any achivements for previous PC Tomb Raider games, so I'm really excited about this part. I like that instead of photos and concept art, which still is a nice unlockable stuff, we'll get new weapons!
Both characters have an amazing arsenal of weapons. I can't wait to try all of them! :D

6th Jul 2010, 18:10
Here they are: (at least for Xbox.)


Cheese is nice.
6th Jul 2010, 19:07
I have a question. Due to the fact that this game is two players with a three thousand year old man/diety as one of the main characters, I would assume that unlockable costumes would be out of the picture. I'm not too sure about this game. It kind of looks like a huge step backwards. At least graphics wise.

6th Jul 2010, 20:54
Here they are: (at least for Xbox.)

I was just going to post that link! :flowers:

They look really cool! Lots of easy ones but some seem quite challenging, at least you most likely need to play the game more than once to get them all!

I guess we know what one of the two secret achievements is!

Instant Sushi!!

Oh btw Jurre: 3-2!! :D:D

6th Jul 2010, 21:01
Oh btw Jurre: 3-2!! :D:D
Oranje boven :)

6th Jul 2010, 22:16
They don't really look hard at all. Most of them look like they can be gotten within the first few moments: play co-op (unless it means COMPLETING the game in co-op), catching Totec with the grapple, jumping off Totec's shield...

Still, lots of fun ahead. =D

And I'm betting the second secret achievement is going to be something related to finishing the game in single player mode. It would be awesome having a Gold trophy named 'Lara Croft'. :D